Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Right, So

Here's the deal. I'm trying to get back into writing and posting and stuff. I have an idea of what I would like to do, but I want to break from the format/ content which I have already posted here. THEREFORE! I have started a new blog: The Librariad which shall, from here on in, serve as my collection of thoughts and comments, mostly pursuant to media I have taken in. Web videos, music, books, articles; presented with (or without) comment. My media library. So check your feed readers and look me up!

PS. Eclipse will remain up for the time being, I am rather proud of some of my stuff.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Technically, Is This Today or Tomorrow? (I'm Pretty Sure Its the Latter)

Note to self: when you are not accustomed to having caffeine, a mocha latte is a bad idea at nine o'clock at night. A really bad idea.


Best wasted 17 seconds of my life.


I have discovered that I have subjected myself to a great time waster: Google Reader. Somehow my thirst for random knowledge, current events, tech, and podcasting has caused me to load up my reader with feeds that update at a frenetic pace. And while some if it I can probably do without, some merit more attention than others. Currently my favourite time wasters are BoingBoing and io9. BoingBoing is a fun site, highlighting current events, talking literature (which makes sense since one if its contributors is sf author Cory Doctorow), and just gets points in general for being highly interesting and thought provoking. If there is one site I could suggest subscribing to, it would be BoingBoing.

On the other hand there is io9, which seems to fulfil some kind of geekish need in my soul. io9 is dedicated to science fiction, and talks movies, tv shows, literature, current scientific breakthroughs and general geeky awesomeness. Some of their tags may throw you off a little; they seem to be applying some variation of Rule 34 to their tags as many of them are often followed by the word "porn", but fear not! there is none of that to be found without the safety of an NSFW label. So check out their awesome collection of #spaceporn and objectify the amazing images from space.


Aha, it seems that sleep is finally overtaking me. This is almost as bad as that one time in Fort Mac... mmmm, when will I learn that caffeine + late night = bad?

Off to the field of dreams with me