Friday, June 29, 2007

An Update

I'm not actually supposed to be posting this.
Really I should be on a train (or at least, getting off the train by now...) to Montreal. I am supposed to be spending the next six weeks in Quebec working at a camp (I'm still not sure what I'm going to be doing...) and learning french. FON. I am actually excited for it, however it has been delayed by the Aboriginal Day of Protest and the fun time of having the railways blockaded. Sweet, eh? So, I'm leaving sometime tomorrow, but I don't know when.
Exams are over (obviously) and therefore the school year is finished for yet another year. While that is exciting, there is a bit of a bitter pill that goes along with it. My music tearcher, who is also my absolute favourite teacher, has taken a job at another school in Bowmanville. The band didn't find out 'till yesterday at our band breakfast. There were lots of tears on her part and on the part of others in the band. The school isn't going to be the same without her. However, we are getting a new teacher/conductor and that will be an adventure.
Its long weekend time. I'm going to be in Quebec for Canada Day, which the sepratists will surely make interesting...

I'm out,

Brother in Arms

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So, after writing my french exam (which took all of a half an hour to do...) I had nothing to do and found this on the computer. FON! And mildly addictive...

Play flOw

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Psalm 23

A little different from the version you're probably used to...

Psalm 23 in Jamaican

The Lord ah mi one boss, an mi nuh fi want nutt'n.
Ah Him ah prevent mi from tell off people everyday.
Ah Him ah gimme peace, when so-so madness a gwan roun' mi.
Ah Him ah remine mi fi pray an fi do everyting widout complain, murmur nor kiss mi teet.
Ah Him ah remine mi dat ah Him, noh mi job, ah mi source, aldough lickle more pay woulda nice.
Ah Him ah stap mi from mad a daytime, an' ah guide mi decision dem, so mi can honor Him inna hev'ryting.
Him ah prevent mi from shoot up di whole place, an' tun' all mi supervisor dem inna some duppy, so mi no haffi go ah prison, an' live mongst ah bag ah battyman nor get heng.
Even dough mi get one hole heap a e-mail, fool fool deadline fi work wid, have some co-worker dem whey a chat mi behine mi back!, some big heediat fi supervisor, an' ah ol' body dat kyaan' mek it a morning time, mi nah give up because Him deh wid mi!
Him presence, Him peace, an' Him power ah go si mi throu.
Ah Him ah raise mi up, even when di heediat dem nah promote mi hard working self, dough mi ave tree set a degree an' diploma.
Ah Him claim mi as fi Him own, even when di company ah threaten fi fiah mi, an' me ah threaten fi light wan fiah an' bun di hole place ah grung.
Fi Him faitfulness an' love betta dan any bonus check (but yu si mi, a check woulda elp out some time).
Fi Him retirement plan betta dan every pension plan outta road, but mek anybady try rob dis place yah an yuh see wha 'appen out yah tiday.
When unnu done talk; Ah Him mi ah go wuk fah fi wan long time
So Tank Yuh Lord


Brother in Arms

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So, exciting news in the land of Mike... I went to take my test for my G2 yesterday (after only, what... 17 months??) and passed!! w00t!!! So I can now drive on my own... look out pedestrians, here I come! jk...

In other news, there is only 9 (or is it 8...) more school days remaining before exam-scariness and then... SUMMER!!! As to what I am doing this summer, well that is still up in the air. The Summer Work Exchange people have yet to get to me, and thus all my summer plans or any summer plans I might make are on hold. Blah. I'm thinking I will give up on them soon and just do my own thing, get a summer job or what-not. I could go back to HV (4 Life!!!) but the parentals are not so hot on that as I am now driving and there are all sorts of nice expences which go with that. FON.

Anyway, today is the Junior High pool party for the grade fives, which should be fun, except for the slight wind-chill which is not so much. But it will all be good.

Waiting for summer,

Brother in Arms