Sunday, February 25, 2007


Rain patters on the rooftop
Hypnotic in rhythm
Like a corps of drummers
Softly tapping out their beats

The soil churns
Lightning's heavenly light show
Seared into the retinas
Of awed spectators

The drums resound,
Angels rolling out thunder
The earth trembles
As the sound waves across the plains

And in an instant, all is still
Light and sound as mere memory
Stillness reigns in the quiet place
Except for the pitter patter of rain


Brother in ArmsProverbs.17.17

Friday, February 23, 2007


Walking through the powder snow
Its falling everywhere I go
Snowflakes coming from the sky
On to the mitts of passers-by

This gift from heaven falling thro the week
The beautiful patterns, each one unique
Catching on lashes like little hooks
Beauty everywhere one looks


Brother in Arms

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Soo, I just found this like 3 minutes ago... ergo I want to post it.
Flute playing to the extreme... this guy is cutting edge stuff...


ps. I actually posted a poem like and hour ago and it was lost in e-mail cyberspace. NOT COOL

Sunday, February 11, 2007


There is a quiet place I know
Where naught but a silent wind blows
Betwixt the trees and blades of grass
And over playful structures pass

In that place no distractions come
Not cars, not birds, or bees that hum
But only gentle whisps of cloud
Which wrap the sun as in a shroud

In solitude comes many thoughts
Which grow like plants from earthen pots
And pray'rs which stretch out to the sky
And to the heart where I'll ne'er die

In that space comes reality,
Like a fierce whirlwind none can see
Which buffet fact and fiction 'round
And make the knees to hit the ground

Yet in that place comes also peace
That in this life there is release
The greater one is yet to come
The joy of which will strike you dumb

Solitude's such a lovely place
To sit and think upon God's grace
And lift His praises up on high,
To whisper prayers to him by

which to let Him know of your cares
That deep down in His heart HE shares
Pray'rs of sorrow and pray'rs of love
Find their way up to God above

In the stillness He'll answer back
And touch the heart that has a lack
And in that weakness shall I boast
In solitude which I love most



Brother in Arms Proverbs.17.17