Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wierd Typing Habits


Ok, so I recently discovered that I have this kind of habit of going off in the little...little(looking for the term)...(not finding a good one) the tripple dot thing. It's like when I talk, I go off into my own little world sometimes and just trail off...... Like that..



  1. thats a funtastic/annoying/whatever habit to get into. I had that once. I don't do it as often as I do. But it is usually used when someone is trying to articulate what they are trying to say next. Or maybe, trying to think up the next point or what not. Its a common habit, for many people. I think. Or at least I've observed many bloggers doing it. WEEEE!


  2. I do it too...

    Oh, and I am going to the HV reunion! I just thought I'd let yah know :).

  3. unfortunatly, i do it to.