Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Pain hidden behind a mask of mirth
Unable to convey emotion
The truth behind the façade
Masked by twin mirrors that darken the view

Going through life like a zombie
Shallow relationships digging short in the well of life
Conditioned to hold back
Never trusting, never trusted

Consumed by a dream
The dream becomes reality
Reality the desire of the dreamer
A mind in chaos tortured by the dream

Succumbing to its pressure
Collapsing to its control
Reality calls, but the dreamer hears not
And turns to destructive friend the dream

Laboring through the vicious circle
Mind and emotions burned
The dreamer cries out for escape and healing
As he drowns under the dream

But suddenly loving arms enfold him
Pulling him up from the deadly waters
And in those arms release is found
As his Savior whispers “I love you”

And in that promise new ground is broken
A desert heart cracked
Revealing founts of life
Which flood the thirsty garden of the soul

And in that garden the dreamer walks
Hand in hand with those he loves
Forever in the embrace
Of the one who redeemed his life.


By the grace of God

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