Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Not life.

School is really annoying right now... exams and stuff. Culminating tasks. Blah. English.

However, as this is my first post of the new year, I shall look to the positive. As in, I had an awesome-possum holiday, full of friends, food, fun, food, friends, fire, friends, strangers, et al..


So, during my meanderings on the internet I came across a rather impressive article on emoticons and a rather impressive list OF emoticons. Including an emo EMOticon. I was happy. XD.


Anywho, I'm bored and procrastinating (which, concequently, is also a good song by Stellar Kart) so I had better actually get to work. Or listen to my mp3 player. Whichever comes first.



By the Grace of God


  1. I am such a procrastinator.. lol, but the holidays were definately fun! lol, maybe next time we play signal you and I should be partners, lol, give everyone a fair chance and make the game more interesting :D in fact, I like that idea. I CALL DIBBS ON YOU FOR SIGNAL!

  2. haha... procrastinating.. i do believe i may have mastered that art :0) 3 cheers! wooo! oh well i'll get to the other 2 eventually... :) but Seana! Mike and i made such a great team for signal!!!! we were always winning!! and how do you call dibbs on someone?!?! ... oh well...