Friday, May 16, 2008

The Open Door

There are lots of doors in this world.
Doors to childhood, to adulthood.
To memory and experience.
Doors to our past and to our future.

Through these doors we can bear our inner being to the world...
...or shut it out.

There are doors we open, doors we close.

Gateways to our heart and soul.

Open and shut.

A new door has opened, and another shut.
Area314 is no more: life has moved on and left it in ashes.
And yet…
… a new door is opened.

It is The Open Door.

Welcome to the Open Door: a gateway to my heart and mind. Here shall we venture together, crossing thresholds as the LORD opens doors before us… doors to the light.


=Annwas Adeniawc=

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