Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mike used a revive on his blog!

... here is the problem with not updating in... well, lets just say a long time: you want to catch up on everything that you missed in the last three-ish months. But it is just too much darned work. So, here is what is going to happen. I'm going to make this nice little, short post today and then start posting regularily again after that. If you want to know what the big silence was all about, you will go check out the Fort McMurray blog and read up on it there. Deal? If I decide to remark on anything in particular that happened out there - or I get requests (which isn't going to happen) - then you will be the first to know. Read. Whatever. But as it stands, I'm starting fresh with the beginning of my year here at Trent. Capish?

Love you all.



  1. methinks mikey has forgotten about his blog again ;o)

  2. hey, you haven't updated in forever either... I know, I both follow you blog AND have it on my blog roll,

    so there.