Monday, December 05, 2005

Are You Excited?

Hey oh!

'tis December 5th and the Christmas Season is upon us. The Advent candles are out and we are supposed to be reflecting on the meaning of the season. Helped out of course by the advertising moguls of our media saturated culture who are intent on getting us to buy their products. Its sad really. I wonder if the Magi thought that thi gifts would start a trend of saturating people with advertising to convince them to spend, spend, spend. Christ's selfless act of giving himself to His creation, while generally associated with Easter, can also be taken into account during the Christmas season. Christmas is a celebration of Christ's coming, one of the many things He did to save us. This season we should be giving of ouselves to do smething to help those around us. Whether it is shoveling your neighbour's driveways or giving o food drives, or even caroling, we can and need to change our perspective from the "me, me, me" season Christmas has become to the "you, you, you" season it should be. J.O.Y.

merry CHRISTmas


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