Monday, December 19, 2005

To Xmas or not to Xmas, that is the question

Ok, so at the top of the hill by my house there is a church. And beside that chuhrch is a rent-a-sign that the church puts little messages, advertising, on. The current message starts something like this. "No Xmas here." A short message, but one that packs a lot of meaning. They say that "Xmas" is supposed to be an abreviation on Xristos, which was the Greek word for Christ, and so on, but really it is a way of taking CHRIST out of CHRISTmas. Sure you could argue that it is politically correct (but is it really? I mean with all those other unpolitically correct things around...) but a lot of the religious holidays (I guess I can say that considering how secularized Christmas has become) are copying themes from Christmas. (Menorah tree anyone?). Anyway, taking Christ out of Christmas is like having Cookie Monster without a cookie. Unthinkable.

Merry christmas.


ps. somehow this took me over a week to write. srry!

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