Friday, October 13, 2006

Terry Fox Run

Ahh, how that rings in my ears...a day later. Yes, yesterday was the Terry Fox Run and IT WAS AWESOME!!! I had a blast of a time! It was great, our school raised $19,150 for the Run and the James Fund for Neuroblastoma. It's great... we are staying fairly consistent as a school, we raised about the same amount last year. Just another example of how a little goes a long way, how every bit we add can make a world of a difference.

It was also a great time to hang out with my friends from other schools. I love when I can get together with them and just hang out. It was funny, me and P-Biddy were just wandering around trying to find people when I got a brilliant idea: "Hey, if I yell out MARCO do you think they'll yell back POLO?" It was really just a stupid idea, I mean what are the odds, but we gave it a try and... shock! horror! People showed up!! I laughed about that for at least five minutes... :D. Anyway, it was a truly great time... friends find fun fast.

By the grace of God


  1. Oh the wonders of Terry Fox. Sooo much fun. Hey, where were you last year? lol, MARCO!

    ;) We need to hang out more, lol.

  2. Man, it was a good time for sure! And I'll tell you, everythings 2x better when you have a beard. hehe. Good times! Have an awesome time in Niagara Falls!

  3. updated...3 times...*applaud* hahaha nice. I miss the TFR. Ah well, too sad the days of high school gone by.


  4. Hansen, stop talking like that. you're still young. Are you serious? you actually ran around shouting Marco? who joined you? i wish i had been there; i would have found alot of amusement in watching that happen.