Monday, October 23, 2006

What's in a name?

There are two types of crisis that we tend to go through as humans, an identity crisis usually when we are in our teens and a mid-life crisis when we reach middle age. I never expected to go through either, but that could well have been a part of my teenage arrogance…lol. So maybe that is why my identity crisis took me by surprise. My anthropology (etc.) textbook says that an identity crisis has two questions attached to it: “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose in life?” Tough questions to answer indeed.

I have many names, depending on who you are. No, that does not mean that I change how I act depending on the company I am in, it just means that I have been introduced to certain people by different names. If you have grown up with me, I am most often called Michael or Mike. At camp, I am Flippy. Depending on my friends, you may get different names. I have a short list of people that can call me one particular name, but I won’t get into that…

But the point is, none of that makes me me. If I wrap myself up in my name, what happens when I get a label I don’t like? Do I let my labels control me? Does that make sense? If I move past that, who I am becomes based on my relationships, especially my greatest relationship, the one I have with Christ. Then, who I am becomes what He wants me to be.

Following that thread, figuring out my purpose becomes a little easier. If I let Christ direct who I am, then I already have several purposes to fulfill. The next step is figuring out how to work at these.


By the grace of God


  1. Do not delete this comment!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey there [undisclosed select few allowed to call you this name ;)] I like this post... it's cool because very few people see that who they are isn't defined by themselves at all, but by who God wants you to be and how willing you are to let Him mould you. You see that. :o)

    ps. *whispers* you so stole my layout ;o)

  3. That is so cool that you are struggling with this! I know that that sounds kinda creepy, but without struggling how can one grow? I am glad that you are identifying yourself with God, that is the one identity that actually truely will mean something in the end. I am glad to see you grow in your faith Mikey.
    You sister in Christ,