Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Babes, Teens and "Do Hard Things"

Bought Do Hard Things. Read Do Hard Things. Re-read Do Hard Things. LOVED Do Hard Things.

Waiting a year for this book to come out was totally worth it. Amazingly and clearly written, inspiring, convicting, challenging. I am SO making all my friends read it.

Reading it has made me re-evaluate some of my personality traits and how… good they actually are. Like procrastination. If I didn’t procrastinate and got work completed early, how could the time spent doing meaningless things – too much recreational reading, vidja games, internet browsing in excess (all staple diet for the procrastinator) – be spent in pursuing other meaningful, even big, things?

Babes and Teens

One of the most convicting parts of the book came nice and early in chapter 3 where Alex and Brett are outlining what they refer to as the “Myth of Adolescence.” In it they state that:

It has almost gotten to the point that people expect less of teenagers than they do of toddlers. Think about it. Why do babies… experience nearly 100 percent success in overcoming difficult challenges, while teens often falter? Well, one is expected, and the other is not.

(Do Hard Things, p. 39)

That just blew me away. To think, I’m not living up to the same standards as my year-and-a-bit cousin Isaac! Holy crap! Talk about a paradigm shift! I can’t go away from that idea without changing something… so my challenge to myself, and to you, is to expect to overcome difficult challenges and work my tail of to get there.

Are you in?


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