Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mr. Microphone's Nonsensical Journey Into Dreamland Upon A Lethargic Elephant Cloud (AKA Cloud Spotting While Drowsy)

A great expanse of black
    A field smattered with stars
Falling through lights
    As diving through water
To neon dancing
Silky smooth
    the jelly waterfall
As I spread my wings
    and soar through...
The violet-pumpkin sky
The moogles frolic playfully
    in a candy apple meadow
and the sun a merry jig
    dances to green the moon
Sleep by a chocolate river
    ... but no, sleep not in a dream
For then the pigs on high will fly
    and pearls the swine excrete
Mutter murmur mother
    makes many meadow meats
From dandy-lion tails
    a salad green and sweet
and Mufasa stares on sadly
    Pan a tick defeats
A boar bores boredom
    as a giraffe loudly lectures
Pirates eating salad
    and ninjas play hide 'n' seek
A zither zather zuzzzzz
A zither zoo zooms
    through Dr. Seuss' land
As umbrella trees shelter me
    from gumdrops a-fallin' on my head
A bowler bowls me over
    and sends me swimming through the sky
Then I started drowning,
    hit yellow with my head
Put me in a coma
    and dreams into my head
Bring me from my home
    in rainbows
To a soft...
    and comfy...

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