Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Wearing Off of Shiny New-ness

I don't want to say that I am burned out; that would be melodramatic to say the least. I will say, however, that Canadian Tire is starting to get to me. Its not so much that I find the work disagreeable, it is more that I find the job itself is encroaching on areas of my life it should have no part in. I'm sorry, but I cannot possibly stand thinking about Canadian Tire 24/7. And with recent change-ups in the store, and the mysterious audit around the corner, things are a little bit tense and a little bit nuts at work.

To be honest, I think that part of my problem lies in my mindset about my work. I really don't think I will ever find great satisfaction in my work at CT, for the simple reason that I have no interest in retail other than using it as the means to an end. I applaud the tenacity of the lifers simply because I could never do it. I don't think I could ever have a career in retail because it is just way too boring for my tastes. Sure, you can get some pretty cool co-workers, engage (briefly) with interesting (demanding, funny, appreciative, contrary... and a whole litany of other adjectives I really don't care to copy here) customers, even get a good work out from all sorts of heavy lifting. But the truth is that my passions, no matter how elusive they may be at the moment, lie elsewhere; and that while Canadian Tire is nice, I don't for a second believe that I will find or realize or develop those passions in that kind of an environment. It is, as I have already stated, merely the means to a monetary end.


How's it going? I know I had all but abandoned this space, but I've been going a little crazy lately and writing, blogging, and journaling seem to be the only way to defrag my thoughts. So, I'm back again. Heck, blogger has even gone back to being my home page so I am more likely to put something up. Sure, I'm never going to be perfect at blogging, and probably will never be a consistent poster... but I'm not really sure if anyone truly cares. This is more about me getting my thoughts out and trying to make sense of it all. If someone is out there reading along, I can only hope you're getting something out of this as well. But if not, my narcissism will keep me company ;D


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