Friday, May 01, 2009

April Showers...

It appears as if spring is finally upon us. April is now behind us, and with it we leave the snow and cold that surprised us for a tick. Now, I am greeted every morning and sent off every night to the sound of frogs croaking, brought by the gentle breeze coming in through my window. And the sights! Trees starting to get leaves, flowers starting to bloom, the verdant grass... yes, spring is well and truly in the air.


Went to go see my sister preform at the Youth for Youth concert today. It was your regular mix of acts that were simple amazing or just plain awesome and acts that you could, well, do without. Luckily, acts falling in the latter category were very few. It was really neat though - the drummer for one of the bands that played got up and did some hand drumming... on an empty propane tank. It was a bizare sight, but the tone! The timbre! It held a haunting beauty not unlike that of steel drums, and yet different at the same time. It is really something you would have to hear for yourself to appreciate.

I'm tired.

Off to bed.

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