Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple... Beautiful... Stunning

Has it been mentioned that the weather has been beautiful? Today was a great day; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was able to finally put on my summer gear: shorts, tee-shirt and flip-flops. Although, technically I didn't actually wear my flip-flops as I couldn't find them, and my shorts are actually more like man-Capri's... but those are just details.

This weekend was pretty fabulous too. Saturday was pretty much the greatest day - weather wise - I could have asked for. Same as today, sun bright and shining and the temperature up... for the first bit at least. Then it turned to rain, wonderful rain. But not just, to use Seana's phrase, "piddly" rain, but an old-fashioned thunderstorm. Mmmmmmm, if there is one thing that I really don't like about winter storms, its the lack of thunder and lightning.

Speaking of Seana, I had the privilege of attending her (2nd) graduation from KLBC on Saturday. Don't worry though; the ceremony, pictures and reception were all over by the time the storm hit. It was a great event and I have to say that Seana was quite stunning indeed. Sure everyone else looked great as well, but I have a rather large bias in my opinion. But now it is officially on to summer with everyone, leaving behind all the stresses of the school year and filling the void, at least partially, with the stresses of summer school/job hunting. WILL THIS MADNESS NEVER END???!?

Spot the Differences!

Ever gone to Wikipedia to learn something that has a technical aspect to it, and been completely dumbfounded by the nomanclature? Well, some bright light on the Wikipedia team decided to make Simple Wikipedia; Wikipedia in natural, easy to undertand language. It's like Wikipedia with kiddie gloves on. Well, kiddie *language* gloves - content is still fair game.

Its interesting though; since the authors of the articles are trying to put the information in the most accessable language possible, grammar structure goes right out the window, leading to some rather ambiguous statements. Which my friend Brock would take immediate advantage of, much like in this comic:

Still, I admit that Simple Wikipedia will make my hunt for random information much more beneficial, especially if I want to get a rough handle on quantum mechanics or the general theory of relativity. Or other scientific-type topics. Which, for anyone who knows me, is quite likely.


Awkward, fun diversion. Laughed to tears many times.

Also, I found this article on the future of email interesting.

And for anyone up for a good, old-fashioned game of Calvinball, I've started a game over on Facebook. Unfortunate though, it seems like no one is quite sure how to play... use your imaginations people! And if you need an idea on where to start, check out the game being played on the xkcd forums


Watched the season finale of Chuck tonight. I will admit to being a little confused about some parts, but that is only because I've actually missed most of the season. So now I must play catch-up. Here's hoping that Chuck survives the summer and makes it back into the fall line-up; the season finale was, in a word, EPIC.

But I have once again stayed up too late. My circadian rhythm is officially messed up and I am attempting to reset it. Whether this is a good idea or not is another question, but four o'clock in the morning is not a friendly time for me to be falling asleep. And as much as I would like to watch the latest Doctor Who episode I am currently downloading as soon as it is finished, my body will soon be crying out for rest. Thus am I off to bed.

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