Friday, April 17, 2009

Marshmallows and Chocolate Galore!

Beautiful day in the pdot today. The sun was shining and it felt like summer with the warm temperature and me walking around in a tee shirt. Just wonderful. I was just happy to get out and enjoy some of it.

Meanwhile, the quest of the day with the search for the mysterious "JOB". Put in applications here, there and everywhere; though it looks as if my dream work location is not doing any summer hiring, which once again crushes my dream of ever working in a locale surrounded completely by books. The upside is that during my questing I ran into Seana and crew before her interview at Canadian Tire and found out all sorts of good news... which I would have found out anyways as we were going to be spending some old fashioned couple time together later (in the form of continuing out steady plod through the Doctor Who episodes). However, hearing all this good news earlier gave me one more reason over a longer period of time to enjoy the day.


Found this while reading through the comments on an NPR article on willpower. Its an interesting look at temptation and willpower, and the preacher in the video makes some pretty good connections as well. RadioLab has an interesting programme on this where they speak with the psychologist who originally carried out the study. They also highlight some further, unforeseen relationships between the initial results and how the kids grow up. NPR also has another nice text/radio programme on this.


... *sigh*
It's too bad I was in this writing funk, because I missed out on a pretty cool opportunity. I was listening to CBC the other day and only then heard about the "Canada Writes" competition that they were holding on Go!, which is a shame because while I probably would not have made it on the actual show I could have at least participated in the online competition they were holding as well... I'm just going to have to spend the time I have now practicing for next year ;D

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