Monday, April 20, 2009

Of Rainy Days...

Rain. Both a blessing and a curse I suppose. Blessing because it is on a mission to help the land throw off the shackles of winter's killer touch and paint the world in colour again. Curse because, well, it becomes very wet to go outside. Not that I have a problem with getting wet mind you, it is just that there is some kind of psychological blocker preventing me from enjoying the out of doors during rain. On the other hand, I have no problems at all with going puddle jumping after it has stopped raining. In fact that is a rather fun activity, and if it were not for the lateness of the hour now I would go jump in some puddles now.

The nicest thing about rain I would have to say is rainbows. And I think it would be really cool if we could have moon-rainbows.


Rain did help my weekend of study become more of an adventure though. I suppose it would be more classified as a misadventure more than anything, and it wasn't really that fun or exciting of an even, however it is my turn to tell a story.

So Saturday is this gloomy day with dark coulds promising rain all day and nothing ahead of me for the day aside for some major studying for my exams Monday (today?) and Tuesday. The air and the need to focus on studying was oppressive enough that I only came out of my room maybe four times all day: to eat, to use the lavatory, and to take my brother into town. This is where the adventure begins. You see, I was driving Chris in to a friend's house for the evening when the van beins to pull to the right as I am driving. Stupidly not thinking much of it, I continue on my to merry way thinking that I can just check out the tire and maybe put some air in it after I drop Chris off. Fat chance. I get to the Shell across from Chapters and take a look at the tire and can tell fairly quickly that it is a) flat, and b) probably destroyed due to the ammount of driving I must have done on it.

Up to this point the clouds had refrained from releasing their harvest. However, as soon as I make a phone call and my dad made his way over to supervise my changing of the tire, they decided that they'd had enough and it began to rain. Having rushed out of the house and forgotten my jacket along with my cell phone, I proceeded to get very wet and muddy from the dirt on my hands becoming wet with rain. It was not a pleasant experience. Nor was it pleasant to discover that the spare tire on the van was flat as well. To cut a long story short(er), we were not able to resolve the issue completely that day, but we were able to patch it temporarily. There was a silver lining to the rain clouds of being stuck in town for a couple of hours; I got to spend some quality time with my parent, which was nice.


On another personal note, tomorrow I write my last exam for this semester. As much as I would like to say that it shall be my last exam of first year, it is not to be; I shall be attending summer school to make up for a credit I dropped in the fall. Hopefully I should be working around the same time as well. Speaking of work, I got a nice text today from my significant other (no, we are not married or engaged - seemingly to the astonishment of some around us - however I would like to point out that it is still a correct form to use for a girlfriend. That would be you Seana XD ) letting me know that she now has a job just in time for summer, which is good news indeed. Hopefully I can join this group soon as well...

And now it is late. Much too late for me to be up seeing as I have an exam tomorrow. Sleep time!

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